Residence Il Turistico


Always our residence has sided in favor of environmental protection, and energy savings that we implement with the desire to offer the tourist efficient services combined with a precise direction ecological and energy saving which helps us in over limit costs of consumption and consequently stays.

Energy Saving

untitledThe property has a photovoltaic system that allows you to reset the costs for electricity consumption already diminished by efforts to save energy: in rooms, ceiling lights, wall sconces and bedside lamps fitted energy saving lamps.
The laundry room is equipped with appliances Class AA.
The reception using equipment with brand-Energy Star.
The hot water is supplied by a heating system with solar panels that eliminate all emissions of a boiler and gas consumption for heating the water, equipped with a thermostatic mixer that allows to guarantee a constant water temperature in 40 degrees.
The air conditioning system uses cutting-edge devices with reduced power consumption and sensors on the windows to eliminate energy waste.

Water saving

1Water conservation is being carried out on several fronts:

- The hot water distribution system is equipped with pump recycling of water in order to obtain instant hot water in the rooms so as to avoid unnecessary losses

- All rooms are equipped with water-saving mixers that provide additional fuel savings.

Separate collection

2Inside the structure are containers for recycling.

All customers are encouraged to deposit recyclables in the appropriate containers.


 Organic foods

3In our mini market you can find foods typical products Calabresi and fruit bilogici locally sourced.

The service also includes restaurant dinners Calabresi and organic food in the menu.