Residence Il Turistico

Da herum

The Residence Il Turistico is a great base to reach the most famous resorts of the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria. The town of Tropea is just 7km, 15km north we find Pizzo Calabro the Aeolian Islands can be reached directly from the beach. Here are some obligatory destinations for visitors to the area and some useful links.


Tropea (7km)

The town of Tropea is just 7km from the residence, famous for its tourist attractions and scenic delights. The city has a large cluster of sandstone which then creates the same coastal headlands coves and islets of which the most famous with a church of the 400 is visible in the photo. The city has many historical museums the Norman cathedral and a quaint downtown shops and restaurants.


PizzoPizzo Calabro (15 km)

The town of Pizzo is located 15km north of our residence, known for its ice cream specialties including the typical truffle ice cream and for the characteristics of its views. In addition to the ice cream Pizzo is famous for its castle where he died the brother of Napoleon Joachim Murat and the famous church of Piedigrotta deeply cut into the tuff.


Capo Vaticano da Sud 60Capo Vaticano (15km)

Capo Vaticano is extensive coastal resort town of Tropea developed from the early 70s the cape that assumes the name reaches the maximum height of 124 meters and is made of a special granite, white-gray, studied throughout the world for its geological. Renowned are its coasts and bays suitable for lovers of diving and landscape photography.




Sila e Aspromonte

In Calabria over the sea, you can visit three major mountainous regions: north, the Pollino massif, in the center of the plateau of the Sila and finally to the south the peaks dell’Aspromonte.Da always inland areas of Calabria were sparsely populated and is for this reason still intact its natural beauty that are now protected in three large national parks: the National Park of Pollino, the Sila National Park and the National Park of Aspromonte.

EolieAeolian Islands

The renowned Aeolian islands are accessible by fast ferries that leave directly from the beach of the residence and allow you to make a day trip to visit the four major islands (Panarea, Lipari, Stromboli and Vulcano). In’oltre night excursions are available to see the eruptions of stromboli.